We work to provide you with unique and very special garments that were designed and made in Costa Rica with high quality materials and fair production processes
To keep your KC Bikinis garments for longer, please follow these steps:


-Wash or rinse the garment with cold water immediately after use to remove all residues of salt, sand and chlorine.
-Wash by hand with cold water and special textile soap. Never use hand soap, shampoo, fabric softeners or others
– If your bikini top has pads, do not double or press the pads, they are delicate and require this care. If the design allows, preferably remove the pads for washing and drying. Store the clothes extended and with the pads facing up in their original form.
-Avoid friction with rough surfaces.
-Do not wash in a washing machine or use a dryer.
-Never let it soaking for more than 10 minutes.
-Do not wash or rinse with hot water.
-Do not use bleach or fabric softener.
-When washing, being wet or damp, do not mix it with other clothes and colors, it is always better to keep them separately.
-Do not twist or squeeze the material.
-Never store the garment if it is wet or damp, make sure it is dry before storing it.
-Dry in the shade in a ventilated place.
-Do not use iron
-Do not use chlorine.

Swim Shorts

-Wash with similar colors.
-Do not use bleach or fabric softener.
-Maximum washing temperature 30 ° C. Normal process.
-Dry in the shade in an open place.
-Avoid friction with rough surfaces.
-Do not store wet or damp.
-Do not leave detergent residue, as it neutralizes the Lafgard (R) textile protector effect.
-Do not twist or squeeze the material.
-It can be machine dried. Dry set at a low temperature and normal cycle.
-Iron at a maximum temperature of 110° Celsius or 230° Farenheit